New Year Same Storm

Have you ever been caught in a rainstorm? I mean one of those storms that came out of nowhere,
and unleashed the heavens?
All you’re trying to do is get to shelter. Whether it’s your car, or inside of a building. You’ll do
whatever you need to do quickly to get out of the storm.
But, what happens when a storm of life comes? When you’re stuck in the middle of wind and
rain that seems to have no end in sight?
When you have to wait it out in the middle of it?
Well, I’m glad you asked!
That’s what this blog is about...what to do in the middle of the storm.
New Year, Same Storm

I believe one of the false perceptions we can have about a new year is that everything from that
last year will somehow disappear. Going into 2021, and I believe many new years, we find that
the storms can carry over. I mean we’re still in a pandemic, and many people are still struggling
with the same issues from 2020.
Now, I know you’re saying 2020 was only a few days ago. I know, but society tends to have this
mentality that a new year will erase all the bad of the last.
I can say for me, my storm carried over to the new year. I honestly thought it would be cleared
on the 31st, but I spent the 31st wrestling with not allowing my emotions to take away the joy
and gratitude of seeing another year. Especially, after the year we had in 2020.
While the rain is letting up, and I’m starting to see the sun peak out...I’m still in the middle of it!
So, I wanted to offer you a few things that I’m learning to do in the middle of my storm. My
prayer is that it’ll help you in the middle of your current storm, or when you get into one.
Because you will have storms in life! If someone told you that by coming to Jesus all your
problems will go away...they lied!
God does His best work on us when we’re in the middle of a storm because it’s the best way for
Him to get our attention.

Focus On Jesus

Matthew 14:22-33 tells the account of Jesus walking on water. He had just fed 5,000 men
(women and children weren’t included in the count) and sent the disciples to the other side of the
lake, so He could clear the crowds and pray.
As Jesus got finished praying, He started to head for the disciples, who were far from shore, in
the middle of a storm. So, being the Son of God, He decided to walk on the water to get to them.
I’m sure He could’ve taken another boat, but I believe He wanted to use this moment as another
lesson of faith.
When the disciples saw Him, they started to freak out. Jesus calmed them down by telling them
it’s Him, and Peter got the courage to ask Jesus to come out on the water too. As Peter made the
step of faith, he was walking on water. Until he shifted his focus from Jesus to the storm. Peter
started to sink, and Jesus had to save him from drowning.
I can honestly say that Jesus has had to save me from drowning too. Drowning in the waters of
worry, doubt, stress, etc.
My focus was on the constant shifts and changes in the wind, and not on the One who never
To keep my focus, I had to go into worship! Whether it was singing a song about the goodness of
God, or speaking who God is, my focus shifted from the storm to my Father. Thus making the
storm easier to walk through, and less significant.
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When I say pray, I mean as often as you need to, and be as real as you need to!
I’ve found that when I’m really honest with God...I get His peace! Not that my situation gets
better. But, I’ve revealed what I’m feeling, and that’s the ground where He can start working.
I also talk more about prayer in my free guide above!
Use Your Corner

I often describe this Christian walk as being in a boxing match. You’re constantly fighting to
stay in the faith. And, just like any boxer needs, you need a corner.

Boxers who’ve just had a bad round go back to the corner to regroup. To get wounds patched up,
and encouragement and instruction to get through the next round successfully.
My corner has been vital in my storm. They’ve encouraged me! Prayed for and with me! Helped
me keep going when I wanted to quit. But, the key to do them doing all of this was me using
Storms can show us how prideful we are. I’ll take on the mentality that I can do this all by
myself, I don’t want to bother anyone, or it’s not that serious. Which usually leads to me
crawling back to my corner a wreck because I didn’t want to ask for help earlier.
They are there for a reason! Use them!

Stop Trying To Get To The End

I know! It sounds crazy! But, when we’re so focused on getting to the end, we miss the lessons
in the middle of the storm.
Being in my storm has shown me that God is truly a Man of His Word. There were times I
simply thought about something, and God came through a few minutes later!
My storm has shown me that the faith I thought was at a 10, was a 6. And, that patience is not
my favorite fruit of the Spirit!
Sometimes as Christians we’re so focused on the testimony, we miss the beauty of the test.
The storm isn’t sent to break you, even though you’re bending.
God is with you...even when it feels like He isn’t!
Remember what you know about Him!
We’re going to get through our storms together!
Here for you,

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